What is Odore?

Odore is an intelligent research and marketing tool that dispenses perfume samples in exchange for consumers answering a few short questions. Odore machines are placed in convenient locations across London.

How it Works

  • the brand
  • /
  • the consumer

1. Brand approaches Odore to promote and distribute samples of products – either current/ new products or un released products for testing.
2. Odore stocks machines in one (or more) of their convenient locations.
3. Odore dispenses and gathers information.
4. Brand receives monthly reports, including key metrics of dispenses by demographic, location, season, time, etc.
5. Armed with a strong dataset and rich consumer profiles, Odore and brands work together to efficiently offer the best products to the right users

1. User sees Odore machines in a convenient/ popular location. (i.e. restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, airports, etc.)
2. They fill out a short, five question, tailored survey.
3. Odore dispenses a 2ml perfume of the user’s choice.

Note: if you come back again, we will ask you 5 different questions

Why use Odore?

Valuable, real data / Research and Experimentation / Advertising

Odore gives brands the ability to market and distribute their products in the most efficient way. Leveraging both our wide exposure and in-house technology allows brands to truly understand their consumers, as well as tapping into unventured markets. Odore uses the data provided by our customers to create rich customer profiles. These profiles enable us to deliver the most appropriate and tailor-made offerings to our customers. With Odore, it is a win-win transaction for both parties.

Why use Odore?

Valuable, real data / Research and Experimentation / Advertising

Odore’s programmable interface makes it easy to update survey questions, test new ideas, and gather meaningful data which can be used to enhance marketing strategies and product offerings.

Why use Odore?

Valuable, real data / Research and Experimentation / Advertising

Odore’s high resolution infinite touch screen makes it an unorthodox, memorable medium for advertising. Odore allows your business to take a multi-level approach to research, development, and marketing.

The Machine

Odore is built with high quality brushed aluminum and optically binded glass, the same method used in modern smartphones. It has 8 chambers and can hold 500 1-4ml perfume samples.


We made sure Odore’s infrstructure is built to last. Odore is equipped with Rasperry Pi computer running linux, which drives the touchscreen, accepts user input and communicates with the Odore servers to send/receive data.


Brands receive monthly reports, including key metrics such as dispenses by demographic, location, season, time, etc. Further, brands can also see how their products are performing in comparison to their competitors. Brands will also be able to request customised advanced reports that utilise our AI technology – i.e. Do middle aged men that dine in Mayfair over 5 times a month prefer fruity or musky perfume?

The Future of Odore

Due to our positive feedback and investor backing, we’re currently developing a mini model that can be used in taxicabs throughout the UK. Odore aims to enhance the user experience, and will enhance its variety of cosmetic products in the future. At Odore, it is our mission to continuously develop visceral, memorable user experiences whilst also offering powerful behavioural insight you can use for laser targeted marketing.

Odore Limited, 598 Harrow Road, London, W10 4NJ · info@odore.co.uk


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