What is Odore?

Odore is an intelligent research and marketing tool that dispenses fragrance samples in exchange for consumers answering a few short questions. Odore devices are placed in convenient locations across London.

How it Works

  • the brand
  • /
  • the consumer

1. Brand approaches Odore to promote and distribute samples of products – either current/ new products or un released products for testing.
2. Odore stocks machines in one (or more) of their convenient locations.
3. Odore dispenses samples to consumers and gathers key consumer data, as well as pushing consumers to purchase their product online.
4. Brand receives monthly reports, including key metrics of dispenses by demographic, location, season, time, etc.
5. Armed with a strong dataset and rich consumer profiles, Odore works with brands to efficiently offer the best products to the right customers.

1. Consumers sees Odore devices in a convenient/popular location (i.e. shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc).
2. Consumer fills out short, five question, tailored survey.
3. Odore dispenses fragrance sample of the consumer’s choosing.

Note: if you come back again a following day, we will ask you five different questions.

The Device

Simplicity was paramount in our design. Odore’s elegant aesthetics and high tech capabilities make it an exceptional, pristine and unparalleled product.

Odore devices are built to the highest quality, using brushed aluminium casings and optically bonded glass touchscreens.

Odore can dispense up to 8 individual products, and can store 480 1-4ml samples.


Brands receive monthly reports, including key metrics such as dispenses by demographic, location, season and time. Further benchmarking tools are available so that brands can also see how their products are performing in comparison to their competitors. Brands will also be able to request customised advanced reports that delve further into their consumer insights, which can be used to strategize their marketing campaigns.


Odore Limited, 1 Knightsbridge Green, London SW1X 7NE. info@odore.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 207 650 1837

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